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Dock Accessories

Dock Accessories
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Dock Accessories

FLOE has a variety of dock accessories to complement your lifestyle. For convenience, dock accessories can be placed anywhere along the dock.


FLOE Dock Furniture and Bench
Dock Seating

FLOE offers several choices for you to relax and enjoy your dock. The 3-piece Furniture set includes two sling chairs that swivel and rock and an aluminum table. The optional umbrella ads nice shade on those hot summer days.

FLOE's aluminum bench comes in grey or aluma-grain finishes and has two armrests with cup holders

FLOE Dock Steps and Ladder
Dock Entry

Dock steps make it easy to get in and out of the lake. They come in 4 step, 6 step and 8 step styles for varying water depths.

Swim Ladders with extra-long vertical grab handles give you leverage for easy dock access without taking up dock space. Available in 58" and 70" heights.

FLOE Dock Racks
Dock Storage

FLOE offers many options for storing your lake toys. Choose from the one or two-tier Lake Accessory Rack, the Canoe/Kayak rack and the Lake Accessory Cart that hauls up to 4 kayaks and has wheels for easy storage in the garage.

FLOE Dock Bumpers and Cleats
Bumpers and Cleats

FLOE's dock bumpers and cleats are a great solution for parking your boat at the dock or when friends stop by. The vertical bumpers attach anywhere along the side of the dock and are adjustable vertically to accommodate different boat heights.

FLOE Flag Pole and Topper
Flag Pole

The 22' flag pole has a solar light to keep your flag lit at night and a globe to finish off the top. The pole raises and lowers your flag telescopically and augers into the lake bottom ensuring it will keep your flag flying high!

FLOE Speed Wrench, Shore End Wheel Kit, Handrail
Other Dock Accessories

FLOE offers many other dock accessories to make your life convenient. The Speed Wrench helps you adjust the dock from the topside, shore end wheel kits make installation a breeze with no lifting and the handrails add safety to your dock.


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